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About us is a data mining tool which crawls websites and other resources on internet to extract information about a website. We have currently crawled 626582 websites and counting. We compile this information to create website information page for each website. We also use this info to generate statistic about different technologies.

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Domain Whois
Domain whois provides domain owner information like registrar name, owner name, email, address, registration and expiry date.
IP Address & IP Whois
Each website (domain) points to an IP that can be a shared or dedicated IP. IP whois provides information about ISP/Web Hosting company like location and contact details.
Traffic & Valuation
This metric shows website traffic rank from alexa. We calculate estimated numbers of visitor and value of website based on these metrics.
SSL/TLS info
Most website use Https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) to transmit data over internet. HTTPS requires a valid SSL certificate to encrypt data. This tool will show SSL/TLS provider name and validity of certificate.
Http Header
Http header provides the info that a Web server sends back to a client's browser in response to HTTP request. The response https header contains type, size and date of file that the server is sending back to the client including server information.
DNS Records
DNS records helps to find IP address, mail server, subdomain IPs and other information about domain like CNAME, SPF record, TXT record etc.


Use our tool to check your or competitor's website to find all crucial information about a domain. This information helps to find how well a website is performing on internet. And it's FREE! We hope that you find websiteinfotool helpful and that you will return when you need us again. The estimated traffic and valuation provided by websiteinfotool is not guaranteed to be 100% Accurate and is offered as reference only.